Group photo of the Soviet delegation at the signing of the Declaration of the defeat of Germany

Unusual Soviet soldier from the liberators of Czechoslovakia 

Soviet officers, sergeants and petty officers of the Red Army, drink beer in the days of peace that were due in Czechoslovakia, liberated from Nazi occupation. 

Two Soviet soldier with a medal “For Courage” in Czechoslovakia 

Soviet soldiers and GMC truck on the street of the Czech town Leickove

Pilots from the 13th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Air Forces of the Baltic Fleet 

Russian Petty Officer on a motorcycle next to a broken German Ju-88 bomber 

Allied Airborne in the South of France, “Operation Dragoon”

Antitank Junkers Ju-87G-1 attack aircraft before a combat mission 

Front-line motion-picture group next to the destruction of the “King Tiger”